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Outexpressions Newspaper: Daily events for culture queers.

Outexpressions is a newspaper published since 1995, owned by Gay West Community Network Inc. (Queer West) not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario. Queer West publishes event listings and provides some community resources as a courtesy to our Friends, who supported and/or sponsored GWCN's many Arts and Film Festivals we hosted and produced over the past 17 years. OUTexpressions News has now become one of Toronto's leading Gay and Lesbian media publications, with the hottest happenings in the coolest Places. We are not an exclusive gay publication. Queerwest.org is consistently ranked #1 (Page One) in Bing and Google, for most Search returns. (Masthead) Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. Thank you for your interest in QueerWest.org ~ Currently this website is not mobile friendly, we're redesigning this summer.

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History of the Paper

Outexpressions began as a hand printed Zine with 300 subscribers in 1995 and hand delivered to friends in Queer West Toronto Ontario. In 1996 it became The Inside Story Newspaper (Published on a Listserv.). In 2003 became part of Gay West Community Network web site. There was a monthly eBlast with 25,000 subscribers, we had software problems in 2009 and the mailing list was abandoned.

The paper was donated to the QueerWest.org in November 2008. At a Special General Meeting of the Board of Directors, a vote was taken in May 2009, to accept the donation and changed the name to Outexpressions Newspaper.

The Board decided it would be run it as a social enterprise of QueerWest.org, in recognition of the organisations broader national focus. Any advertising revenues generated by OuteXpressions would support the Non_profit and its services to the community. The entertainment pages garners 40,000 page views a day. Outexpressions Newspaper somewhat like Gay Life, a publication of the Community Center of Baltimore Maryland,

The Newspaper publishes information about the; THE QUEER WEST TORONTO SCENE Contact Us | Accommodations | Bar & Restaurant Guide | Businesses | Events Theatre | Events Today? | Events Weekly & Monthly | Our History | Community News | West Village Travel Guide | West Village Street Map | QueerTO Blog


About the Publisher

Michel F. Paré lives Little Portugal, in Toronto’s west end. He is an active member of Toronto’s LGBT community, since 1972 and regularly organizes art shows, gallery tours by bicycle, film festivals, spoken word events, and music concerts across the city. Michel holds Masters in Information Science and Philosophy U of T and worked for 30 years in the media industry, but left to learn new skills as a back end web content editor, for Energy Probe Research Foundation and the Green Beanery web sites, before retiring. Former member Board of Directors; Fort York Food Bank, where he organized benefit events, raising thousands of dollars for Toronto homeless and less fortunate. He is one of nine founding members of queerwest.org, the parent non-profit organization for the festivals and founder of Queer West Film Festival. In his spare time out of kindness, hosts adult refugees in his home for past eight years; who stay one to three years or more, creating and maintaining a safe nonjudgmental atmosphere of peace and mutual respect.


August 21, 2015 - The Pink Pages and Queer West Toronto have great lists of different queer services and events around my beloved motherland. Author: Natasha Negovanlis’s Guide to Toronto for Gay Women afterellen.com

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