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Rendering a Neighbourhood Queer

A 2014 Paper Vol. 16, No. 4, 424–443. Rendering a Neighbourhood Queer (Which your falsely lead to believe was approved by Queer West), published by Professor Alison L Bain, York University and her team of disgruntled geography zealots; William Payne & Jaclyn Isen, who wrote unwarranted vituperation and made a meanness of spirit attacks against Queer West Board of Management and how this organization is run.

Toronto Saturday September 5, 2015. A 2013 university study by Catherine Jean Nash, Professor, Department of Geography, Brock University, St Catherines Ontario -Titled: "Queering neighbourhoods: Politics and practice in Toronto" The seven member Queer West Board Directors approved her study, upon written request (Board Minutes March 16, 2009),Dr. Nash interviewed Board members and a few volunteers and other subjects she advertised for in the community, helped her run a web site public survey, about Queer West Toronto and the community there in. Dr. Nash provided the Board with a summary of the information on August 31, 2009.

A motion was passed by the Board on May 5, 2009. Unless directly involved in research study by hospitals and universities, none to be published or promoted. No research studies of Queer West unless approved by the Board.

Queer West Board of Directors received no written request from Dr. Bain to do a study of the former ShOUT! youth program. As other leading university professors and phd candidates, have done in the past. For Dr. Bain to publish that she moderated, researched and studied a youth program, associated with Queer West on March 1st & April 11th., of 2011 is completely false. The program ended August 2010.

False: Queer West NPO, did not create a promotional sign Queer Street West as pictured in Rendering a Neighbourhood Queer, that was entirely an initiative of Pride Toronto and Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 19) Mike Layton. (Figure 2. in Dr. Bain's study) False: Queer West NPO has never worked with the West Queen West BIA at anytime. False: There's no such person as the Queer West Founder. (Referenced in a sexist remark, as an Old White Male in Parkdale).

False: Queer West has never used outreach programming and a website to engage in a place-making exercise to unofficially re-brand West Queen West as the Queer West Village.

The Official Website of Toronto Tourism is calling the west central part of Toronto the Queer West Village and the east end as the gay East Village, Under the sub-heading Toronto's diversity/queerwest. "There’s one thing you’ll notice pretty quickly about Toronto: queer culture is everywhere. The notion of there being a single “gaybourhood” in the city is so last century. While the Church-Wellesley Village remains the focal point of LGBTQ activity, queer-owned and queer-friendly establishments can be found all over the city – especially in the west end, where the affectionately named “Queer West Village” has quickly been gaining a reputation as an alternative to the Church Street scene." (Toronto Tourism)

Queer West came into existence on April 28, 2008 (Incorporated Gay west Community Network Inc.) by nine individuals, one who was Professor C. J. Nash ( Department of Geography, Brock University) Source: Queer West History. The offices for Queer West are in Davenport not Parkdale, and always has been. Any good researcher check their facts, before going to press. Professor Bain accepted, outright lies and malicious gossip from J. Isen and William Payne and published it.

Between July 20, 2009 and October 13, 2010 no Board meetings were held, but no quorums and no elections. Jaclyn Isen was not a Board Member. She acted only as the Shout Program Co-ordinator Volunteer for a few short months from January to October 2010. The first Queer West ShOUT! UnConference was held February 28 and then ran monthly until August 2010, when Ms J. Isen returned to U of T OISE full time. M. Pare & Ms. Isen together, got one and only one $200 grant from the Community One Foundation for the 2010. Ms J. Isen resigned from corporation on October 13, 2010. (Board Minutes Oct 13).

Ms J. Isen came to a Board meeting on April 13, 2011 (Board Minutes), made all kinds of accusations against this organization, refused to divulge other names, that were making accusations too. She didn't have shred of evidence, to back up, any of her claims. The Board thank her for coming, she left the meeting. In May, 2011, Ms J. Isen sent a letter, demanding all of records of the Shout program. Since they were corporation property and because of her past hostility, her letter was ignored.

All new volunteer candidates, are made fully aware on the operations and history of the organization, during their one hour interview, all questions are answered truthfully. Volunteers come to us because they are exciting about what we are doing, want to be Board member or take on some other role, within the organization. Board of Directors 2016

Professor Alison L. Bain, York University (2014) attempts to create a false impression, that Queer West is one person, controlling everything.“In a self-reinforcing cycle, the flyers and the website have been strategically used to informally re-imagine, re-narrate and re-territorialize West Queen West as a queer neighbourhood.” she wrote.

Meet - Casey Reid (Former Film Festival Program director and Board member, Queer West Film Festival 2010) Now Professor Reid at Humber & Fanshawe College 2011 to present. she wrote. “To mark this historic event, Toronto's "West End" will be (re)claimed, (re)presented and (re)named as "queer" The Queer West Toronto community is committed to ushering in a necessary and more contemporary attitude in reaction to the ever-changing threads of fibre that fashion the notion of “queer” in its entirety. QUEERING BOUNDARIES, where and how those boundaries are formed is subjective. The Queer West community emphasizes a sharing of space and the exchanging of ideas as a political act, within and outside of the Queer West Village.” [Queer West Fest, Program Guide 2010] Was Casey Reid the one person controlling everything?

Queer West is not one Person Operation, as Dr Bain alleges. Queer West is managed by Board of Directors. Even the former Shout Coordinator, J. Isen, admits on Linkedin, she left the program in 2010. There's no record in Board Minutes, that March 11 and April 1, 2011 events happened. Every director that manages a program, reports to Board of Directors monthly. J. Isen's Shout reports cease in August 2010. Queer West is a Corporation, nothing is owned by any individual. The Corporation owns everything. The Board manages the Corporation. Every director gets one vote.

We can only guess, Ms J. Isen went to Professor Bain with a total lie and invited professor Bain on her own time, to her former Shout program somewhere in the city, and to listen to her (Unproven) allegations about Queer West. Ms Jaclyn Isen resigned from corporation on October 13, 2010. (Board Minutes Oct 13) Professor Alison Bairn, William Payne and Jaclyn Isen misleaded attendees, that they were attending a program hosted by QueerWest.org

New volunteer appointed to manage Queer West Film Festival

Tuesday June 17, 2014 - Queer West is thrilled to have a new volunteer to help lighten our Queer West Film Festival work load till Nov 2015, Lauren Tenn is a graduate with a Masters in Cultural and Arts Management with skills in administration and customer service roles, University of Winchester, U.K and holds a BA (Hons) History degree, from University of Exeter, U.K.

Lauren was appointed Program Director today. Lauren will be looking after all Film Festival mail, Editing our WordPress festival site, screening film submissions and preparing Queer West Film Festival for 2015 show. Lauren is a perfect fit for us and will help us grow, to a possible independent non profit queer film festival, managed by a Board of Directors in a few years. Her new email is queerwestfilmfestival@gmail.com

Update: September 18, 2015 - Lauren Tenn – Queer West President Emeritae and film program director (2014 & 2015) is moving back to live Bournemouth England (on September 18, 2015) Her family is originally from Jamaica. Lauren holds a Masters in Cultural and Arts Management with skills in administration and customer service roles, University of Winchester, U.K and BA (Hons) History, University of Exeter. Lauren will be stay on with us, as a Programming Consultant. She hopes to find a paid management position in the British film industry and would love to join another film festival Board of Directors Her email remains queerwestfilmfestival@gmail.com

Press Release: June 11, 2014 Invitation to Toronto Queer Arts Festival

Toronto ON June 11, 2014 - The west end of the city, primarily the Queen St. W. strip from Ossington to Dufferin and along Dundas West, has gone through a massive facelift in recent years. This rapid rejuvenation has often been attributed to the opening of the Drake Hotel some five years back, but before the Drake put Queen W. on the map, there was a burgeoning arts community flourishing. Dozens of galleries scattered amongst deteriorating storefronts, sandwiched between appliance retailers and pawnshops, created a new bohemia. Weekly queer parties were a regular occurrence in the warehouses and lofts within this once affordable neighbourhood.

Out of this scene in 2000 sprung a vibrant queer culture with a younger mixed crowd seeking something different, a group not hung up on their, or anyone else’s, sexuality. The area has adapted to the rising queer presence now known affectionately as The Queer West Village or to some Queer West Toronto

Toronto is already one of the queerest cities in the universe. And, while long known for having one of the biggest and most successful Pride celebrations in the world, a new smaller grassroots community festival aims to showcase an alternative side to queer culture in the city. Toronto Queer Arts Festival (Queer West Fest) official events takes place this year from Thursday August 7 to Sunday August 10th.Th e festival welcomes some additional affiliated events, earlier in the week.

Queer West Fest showcases the best of west end queer culture by taking over various establishments, some queer operated and the others queer positive. One annual event is held in the Church St gay village, namely the Queer West International Film Festival on Saturday August 9th.

The Arts Festival is a little smaller this year, lasting only four days instead of the usual ten. Organizers found it harder to find volunteer event managers, that we could train, due to the many larger than normal festivals, being held during the summer.

The 11th annual Toronto Queer West Arts Festival Opens August 8, 2011

The Queer West Arts and Culture Community is committed to ushering in a necessary and more contemporary attitude in reaction to the ever-changing threads of fiber that fashion the notion of “queer” in its entirety. The festival will view the complexity of queer identity beyond set places, spaces and community settings and bring diversity to the forefront of all programming. Art and performance will be utilized as the vehicle to show queer identity as a contested space. The Queer West community emphasizes a sharing of space and the exchanging of ideas as a political act, within and outside of the Queer West Village.

Though queers may converge and diverge on particular spaces to create a community, the heart of the festival is to emphasize however different our identities, we all share our humanity. Artists and performers will convey genuine and relative ideas across multi-disciplinary forms to entertain, educate and enlighten.

Now firmly established as a major event, after 11 years within the city's lesbian and gay social calendar the TORONTO FESTIVAL OF QUEER CULTRE has something for everyone, from a film festival to spoken word to a political unConference to classical music, from a ramble in the ART AND DESIGN DISTRICT to a QUEER CABARET whether you're gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, queer or confused there's something to inspire, challenge or entertain you. Runing from Monday August 8 to Sunday August 14, 2011.

Sunday August 14th, 2011 -- Smash Words Poetry Afternoon

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