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Gay West Community Network Inc (Queer West) is a not-for-profit organization without shareholders, governed by a Board of Directors that meets monthly at our head office in Toronto. The Board is elected annually by the Members of the corporation at our Annual General Meeting, which usually takes place in the fall.

Outexpressions Newspaper: (Masthead)

Publisher - Michel F. Paré
Telephone - 416-879-7954 (Monday to Sat 10 am to 6 pm)
General Information & Event Submissions - queerwestinfo@gmail.com

New Live/Work Studio in Queer West Village (Toronto Parkdale) West Queen West neighbourhood, as of Sept 15, 2017. 177 Jameson Avenue Suite 603, Toronto ON M6K 2Y7 By Apointmentt Only /


  • We accept event listing for the Toronto City and Great Toronto Area GTA (only) Your event should mainly appeal to a LGBTQ audience.
  • *No political events or polarizing events, please.
  • Although we welcome your submission, we reserve the right to edit, reclassify, revise it or reject it (Preference is giving to supporters of our past events)

  • We will not be notified you if your listing was rejected.

  • We only accept Microsoft Word compatible format (.doc, .rtf, .txt).

  • Please do not submit events in a page layout format such as Adobe Acrobat.pdf.

  • We do not publish pictures with listings. We do however publish websites, phone numbers, email addresses if supplied.

  • We do like links to either SoundCloud or similar streaming services (Including YouTube) for Bands, DJs and Musicians, if not, we will do our best to list them for you if we can find them.

  • We will notify you that your submissions has been accept and published on or before listing date.

  • We do update daily. We do our major event listing updating on Wednesday and Saturdays.

  • Please include your contact information.

  • Please include event dates. Cost or cover prices. Run dates. Links to ticketing services. Your Facebook listing, although we prefer business or community web sites.
  • If you do not have a website and your event page is a facebook page, we need both phone number and email for your event to be listed and considered Many of our regular readers are reporting fake events/events cancelled/venues changed without notice (with facebook event pages vanishing)!
  • Thank-you for your interest in QueerWest.org

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