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"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through." -- Ernest Miller Hemingway

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About the club

Welcome - We are Toronto based LGBT and queer youth cycling club and division of Gay West Community Network Inc. (Queer West )A non Profit organization Our Membership (Yahoo groups & Facebook) has now climbed to about 167 as of August 23, 2013. Our season runs from May to October, we try to have as many weekly rides as possible.

We see no benefits in being members of Outsport Toronto organization. We prefer to be an independent organization, however we are members of The North America Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation www.glisa-na.org . We take Pride in our long association with Queer West Fest or as it is now called Toronto Queer Arts Festival.

Group Ride suggestions for 2014 - Guests welcome!

Club Meeting May 4, 2014

Meeting to organize rides for 2014 with Mattius Barriclus. all welcome to attend. Tentative date Sunday May 4th 2 pm at Hogtown Cure Deli & Cafe - 1484 Dundas St W. at Dufferin, Toronto ON

Back Alley Tour
We will organize favourite alley, laneway, secret passage or hidden trail in downtown Toronto. This will be a fun, adventurous, meandering group ride to discover new routes and hidden treasures off our the main streets of Toronto.

Lakeshore Ride
Eco friendly Bike ride along the Martin Goodman (Waterfront) Trail -Mississauga to Toronto Lakeshore as a guest,

Share a poem,
An idea, a creative thought at each stop along this ride, starting in Trinity Bellwoods with a short reading from me, ending at The Last Temptation in Kensington Market. We're still getting various reports on the possibilities of “Shakespeare in the Park” type deals where

Parkettes of the west end…
Simple enough starting at Trinity Bellwoods, ending up at High Park with stops at various small and rarely acknowledged parkettes along the way. Maybe go to Mitzi’s Sister in Parkdale, after for a drink?

High Park Ride…
We wanna do this just because Weve never really explored High Park before, so a ride through the park – stops at the bird sanctuary, the zoo, the big castle Mike Holmes and company recently put in… maybe start the ride outside of the high park area, and then a drink at a west end bar…

We loved the sound of it. Could start the ride away from the Ferry (High Park), or at the Ferry, but the primary ride would be on the islands, starting at Ward's Island.Would like to do a picnic or something, but we can imagine that will be easy to set-up at all.

toronto pride ride logo

Toronto Pride Ride...
8th annual original TORONTO PRIDE RIDE on Bicycles for Old Friends, New Friends, LGBTQ Refugees and Newcomers. The Toronto Pride Ride is the only one of it's kind in North America . We take Pride in our queer Toronto Community. The event is part of the annual Toronto Queer Arts Festival (Queer West Fest) in August. Traditionally this event is held every June.. Details of event in 2011

Sunset ride…
We thought at the end of the season at ride across the Boardwalk near the water front (does that thing have a proper name?), not sure of a starting point yet but ending up at Sunnyside Beach to watch the sun set, which is surely nice, though We’ve never experienced it first hand.

West End History…
We're still waiting on a call to a professor at U of T , but I thought Parkdale has such a rich history so maybe a cycle through the neighbourhood, pointing out a few distinct landmarks. Ideally we’d like to do this one with a historian friend of a friend, who could say something at each spot

OH BTW....Don't Join Toronto Bicycle Users (BUG) Network the web site has not been updated in eight (8) years. They're still give awards to the same old crowd listed 8 years ago Forget about starting a new BUG Club, you won't be listed.

Homo Bike Centre Office

(We located in Ward 18 Dupont South)

Gay West Bicycle Club
562 Dufferin St B1
Toronto ON M6K 2A9

Do you have to be queer?

No, and in fact we have a few members who are not, although they prefer not to be outed as hetero. If necessary, we will be happy to help you select a new colour for the living room, spiffy up your wardrobe (cycling and non), help you re-examine your tastes in art and music, and instruct you on the basics of the successful dinner party.

What makes you a queer bike club?

We dress up at parties, wear funny hats and Cycle in the Queer West Toronto Pride Ride every year. Some of us even have same-gender relationships!! We are tolerant of homosexually-challenged individuals, as long as they do not display their affections in public.


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The Gay West Bicycle Club is an active member of The North America Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation www.glisa-na.org

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