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A group Toronto friends, who like to cycle together.

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"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through." -- Ernest Miller Hemingway

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Our 2016 cycling season Began on April 3rd

We're about 80 or so Toronto & GTA friends, who like to meet up for a group rides, out of the limelight and a division of queerwest.org. Our season runs from April to October 1st, we’re all genders and ages. The club was founded in 2003 by Michel F. Paré You can find us on Facebook (No direct link)

Couple of third party neigbourhood rides of interest being organized by a friend of Michel's (Hyedie Hashimoto) and close to our Homo Bike Central Office in Brockton Village. Some of us will be on these rides

Saturday June 11 at 1PM - Yoga for Cyclists at Henderson Brewery. After all this spring cycling, have your quads and hamstrings tightened up? Join us for an afternoon of stretching and relaxation with a yoga class, specifically designed for cyclists! We are hosting this class at the brand new Henderson Brewery, where you can enjoy some craft brews and food after the class! Henderson Brewing Company 128A Sterling Road, Toronto https://goo.gl/maps/EaWRzcKCcrG2

Thursday June 16 from 6 PM - 8 PM - Mural and Art Gallery Ride Join us on a ride through Ward 18, showcasing the eclectic mix of street art and galleries. Ward 18 in Toronto is home to a huge number of murals and great art galleries. Let's explore and appreciate them on bike! We'll meet at the Dundas West mural just south of Dundas St West on Sheridan Ave! Please make sure your bike is in working order and your tires are pumped with air. We will be riding on main arterial roads but also alleyways that may have some loose gravel and sharp debris. Well inflated tires will help to avoid a flat tire!

Sunday June 19 at 11 AM - The annual Custard Tart ride for the fourth time this year A bike tour of Ward 18 (Davenport) while we stop at some of our favourite Portuguese bakeries for tasty Pastel de Nata. Make sure your bike is in working order! Meet out front at the Brazil Bakery & Pastry, 1554 Dundas St. West one block past Dufferin, north side at Sheridan. https://goo.gl/maps/DJlSJ

Thursday June 30 from 6 PM - 8 PM - Do you know the quietest way to get from College to Bloor? Do you know where the old Brockton Village townhall is? Join us on a ride through quiet back alleys, historical landmarks and little libraries through Ward 18! We'll meet at the base of the West Toronto Railpath and ride through Ward 18 at a relaxed and slow pace. Please make sure your bike is in working order! We will be riding on main arterial roads but also alleyways that have loose gravel and sharp debris. A well inflated tire can help prevent flats!

What makes you a queer bike club?

We dress up at parties, wear funny hats and march in the Lesbian and Gay Pride parade or go to The Queer West Film Festival every year. Some of us even have same-gender relationships!! We are tolerant of homosexually-challenged individuals, as long as they do not display their affections in public.

Do I have to be queer?

No, and in fact we have a few members who are not, although they prefer not to be outed as hetero. If necessary, we will be happy to help you select a new color for the living room, spiffy up your wardrobe (cycling and non), help you re-examine your tastes in art and music, and instruct you on the basics of the successful dinner party.

Are there women in club?

Lately it seems like there are more women than men. A good rule of thumb for meeting same-sex persons is, that rides led by women tend to attract more women riders, and rides led by men tend to attract more men

Who decides where the rides go?

Homo Bike Central attempts to elicit ideas for rides from among the membership. When that doesn’t work, we start calling up people to guilt-trip them into leading rides. It is during this process that the final destination of a ride emerges.

Gay West Bicycle Club is a Registered Voting Member of GLISA North America (Since 2005) (legally known as ‘North American Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation’, "NAGLSF") is a non-profit Society incorporated in British Columbia, Canada and is a membership-based, democratic, international association of North American LGBTIQ sports teams, associations and organizations that presently features more than 100 member organizations. http://www.glisana.com/

Members are encouraged to host weekly rides. Example; Men only ride, women only ride or mixed company, doesn't have to be 100 people, 10 people would be ideal. There is no membership fee club.

Toronto Pride Ride artwork by MFP

Toronto Pride Ride 2016

TORONTO PRIDE RIDE on Bicycles for Old Friends, New Friends, LGBTQ Refugees and Newcomers with the Gay West Bicycle Club. The Toronto Pride Ride is the only one of it's kind in North America . We take Pride in our queer Toronto Community. The event is part of the annual Toronto Queer Arts Festival (Queer West Fest) in August. Traditionally this event is held every June..more details coming soon.

Bike club pictures on Flickr The Gay West Bicycle Club chosen as one of the 16 top cycling clubs in Ontario By the Toronto Star


Homo Bike Central

(We located in Ward 18 Dupont South)

Gay West Bicycle Club
562 Dufferin St
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gwbikeclub@gmail.com (we check this once a month)

Have a Cycling Club or Cycling Business? Want to swap links? Write us at Homo Bike Central: gwbikeclub@gmail.com

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