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"We allow our ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches,
alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders" - Maya Angelou

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Welcome to Queer West Founded in 2001, incorporated non profit in 2008, as Gay West Community Network Inc. Queer West on Facebook and Queer West on Twitter

We produce the Annual Toronto Queer Arts & Culture Festival also know as Queer West Fest, arrives in mid August, includes the annual Queer West Film Festival

Get Involved with Queer West: We are an illustrious group of Queer West Village activists; Volunteers managing, everything from advertising, to program guides, to posters, to public ambassadors on film nights as an arts collective. Other volunteers are welcome to join the Board of Directors. We are also looking for a Summer Intern to help design the 2016 film festival program guide. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES


Don't miss out on submitting your film for consideration. The Queer West Arts Collective, is working for more inclusive & complex queer identities, creating larger queer space & community in Toronto. We’re seeking film submissions for the Queer West Film Festival August 12-14 @ Revune Cinema. Submission closing date Apil 15, 2016 We're Proud to be the 2nd largest LGBT film festival in the GTA. SUBMIT YOUR FILM

We produce OUTEXPRESSIONS online newspaper, a non profit publication of Gay West Community Network Inc. The Best Queer Listings in the City of Toronto 24/7.Events Today?

Thank you for your interest in QueerWest.org queerwestinfo@gmail.com 416-879-7954 - Head Office: 562 Dufferin St. 2nd Floor B1 Toronto ON M6K 2A9

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